When I’ve graduated first question that I am keep asking to myself that is what to do next? What business I should start? Writing is my passion. So After long discussion in my mind I decided to become writer. That’s why today I am writing an article which help you to decide which business you need to start.

I am going to cover all fields whether it is to work from home or somewhere else. So let’s get start.


1. Food Business

2. Small catering business

3. Photographer

4. Lawyer

5. Architect

6. Accountant

7. Pool Cleaning

8. Paint Company

9. Gardening Business

10. Laundry Business

11. Cleaning Business

1. Food Business:

Food Business

Today food business is the best business. This is something that people need daily. If you are thinking about technical products then I agree with you but people can’t buy daily I-phone and I-pads its different when it’s comes to food. You can do a fresh new start or you can buy a food franchise. Find food business ideas in UK from this web.

2. Small catering business:

Small catering business:

Catering is also best way to start a business. You can contact event planners and ask them to hire you whenever they need catering services. It’s all about building relations with your customers. Here you can find seven steps to start a small catering business.

3. Photography:


If you like photography and you have a creative then you can become a photographer. Photography is something that gives you peace of mind. Here you can find out how to be a professional photographer.

4. Lawyer:


When we were kids many of us said lawyer when they were asked a question what they wanted to become in future. But only few become lawyer. This is also a very noble profession. If you want more information then please read “What exactly is to be a lawyer?

5. Architect:


If you are creative and you like designing then you can become an architect. For more details please visit “Can I become an architect?

6. Accountant:


You can also become accountant if you like math and accounts. But if you ask I don’t like math. That’s why I choose arts. I like creative jobs. But if you do then this is the best profession for you. If you want more detail then please visit “How to be an accountant?”

7. Pool Cleaning:

Pool Cleaning:

Pool cleaning is something that not many people will do. In this business you have to face very low competition. Here you can read steps to start a pool cleaning company.

8. Paint Company:

Paint Company:

Paint business is also very popular and profitable. You can start a paint company. Here you can also find steps to start a painting business from the beginning.

9. Gardening Business:

Gardening Business:

Gardening is something that need experience and skills. You can start a gardening company which provide garden cleaning services. Here find steps to start a gardening business.

10. Laundry Business:

Laundry Business:

You can start a laundry business at home which provide cleaning services. This business needs very few money to start. For more information read “start a laundry business at home”.

11. Cleaning Business:

Cleaning Business:

You can start a company which offer cleaning services. This is very business also need very few money to start and it is very profitable. Here you can find out “How to start a cleaning business?

I think I cover everything if don’t please let me know through your valuable comments. you can also like comment and subscribe on Facebook and twitter.


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