Man who got million of views just by falling from his Swegway

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As a viral tech, everyone loves driving a swegway. It doesn’t matter at what age you are it holds the intention of everyone. Recently a man fell from his swegway and posted the video of this incident on social media and in a couple of hours he received millions of views. Riding swegway does not require special lessons but it does require lot of practice and also it should be of great quality. I also like to ride swegway which I have bought recently as there were many offers were available. Not only that quality was also up to the mark. You can also Buy swegways from Swegway Hut.


Sharing the followup clip Kyle wrote:”Safe to mention the innocent guy got back on his toes like a true trooper and revealed his Dad how to get it done”

And that morning Kyle responded to the tweets blowing and moving viral immediately.


One hour after Kyle posted a second clip of his son of this swegway.

Sharing the clip, Kyle published:”Anyone considering having a hoverboard to their children Xmas think twice, this is where I almost killed my youngest and also myself. Enjoy!”


But now that the kid was on his own and was able to maintain his balance as he moved on the gadget. Since the risks are emphasized to his followers However, Kyle and his son fall off the apparatus.

The movie has gone viral and continues to be seen over 1.6million times using nearly 100,000 enjoys and 21,000 retweets.


From the clip Kyle and his son begin to travel backward before the Open Goal guy falls off along with his son spirals to a kitchen cabinet.

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