Steps to start a Painting Business From the beginning

 Steps to start a Painting Business From the beginning
Steps to start a Painting Business From the beginning

I started my artwork company in 2010 with 200 bucks, and in 2014 we offered over $1, 000, 000 in house painting. Over the last ten years I’ve helped hundreds of other people start a painting business.


In this post I’m going to cover, thorough, how to start a painting company from scratch, including:

How to sign up your painting company
Certification requirements
Insurance and Workmans compensation
Painting equipment and what you have to buy
How to get your first work
How to paint your first home
How you make money
Total start-up costs

Of course there are many different methods to start and run a enterprise. I’m going to show you how you can do it all legally, and what I believe is the most efficient and economical way to start making money.
How you can register your painting organization

There are two steps in order to registering your business. First, you should register with the Secretary associated with State. Each state features a website for this. Search “Secretary of State” + a state. You’ll want to file a brand new document and go through the procedure to establish your business. I setup my companies to be a good LLC, which is what I would recommend. Second, you need to obtain a Federal EIN number. Lookup “Federal EIN” and click the IRS page that states “Apply for an EIN”. Undergo all the steps to apply for your own EIN. This is your Company Identification Number which is used to setup your bank account and file fees.

Once you have your Articles regarding Organization from the Secretary involving State and your Federal EIN from the IRS, you can go to the lender with those documents to put together your bank account.

Costs will vary condition to state for filing your current Articles of Organization. Based on your bank, you may need to create a small deposit to open your company account.

License requirements, insurance coverage, and workers comp

Every express has different requirements for any painting business license. In certain states, like Colorado, a person don’t need a license to be able to legally run a painting business. Other states, like California or even Michigan, have a lot of actions that you need to go thru to be able to obtain your license. You will need to find out what those specifications are.

Insurance requirements can differ state to state as well, however it’s fairly standard to get $1, 000, 000 generally liability insurance and $1, 000, 000 per every occurance. You’ll need to contact around to local insurance providers and let them know you might be starting a painting organization and need liability insurance. A few insurance companies don’t do this kind of insurance, so you may need to phone a few places. Get estimates. When just starting out, it should never cost you more than $100/month for the insurance.

Workers comp requirements additionally vary state to state. You could find these requirements out greatest by starting with a search engines and then contacting local government workplaces if you need to confirm the requirements.

Artwork equipment and what you need to purchase

What you need to buy depends on several factors… Do you already personal equipment? Are you going to be working on the project yourself, or hiring workers? What is your budget? Are you going to use employees or sub-contractors?

If you opt to use sub-contractors, you will not have to buy any piece of art equipment. The only equipment it is advisable to buy is marketing and product sales materials…. maybe a brush with regard to doing color samples can be.

If you choose to use employees, you must buy all of the necessary gear to paint a house. This could add up to around $500-$2000 based on how much money you want to spend. Whatever you don’t buy, you can generally rent for a per-day price. Here is what you’ll need to color a house.

Ladders: 8′-12′ along with a 28′-32′ sizes… $100-$300.
Decrease cloths to avoid drips: a minumum of one drop cloth per individual working on the house. $20
Clean: one brush per particular person. Don’t go cheap on tooth brushes. $15-$25/brush.
Roller with: optionally available but speeds things up.
Spinning heads: lots of options, notice what you like best.
Spinning Tray: size to fit the dimensions of roller you bought.
Airless Color Sprayer: These can range on price greatly. This is not required, however it definitely speeds up painting. Youll want to hire someone with life experience spraying if you have never carried out it before. Any skilled painter will tell you there is certainly an art or skill for you to doing a great job spraying a home. $250-$1500
Caulk Gun: absolutely nothing special here. $10
Covering up Gun: no necessary or even purchasing a sprayer. This is to help mask off windows, doorways, roofline, etc… It is completely worth the $50 along with how much time it saves you covering up things of.
5-in-1 Scaper: for scraping off old paint. $10
Wirebrush: not really absolutely necessary, but can be useful based on the surfaces you are working with. $15
Sand paper: 60 in order to 80 grit sand papers for sanding down the actual peeling areas. Get a couple of sheets
Total Equipment Price: $500-$2, 000

How to get initial jobs

There are a lot of ways to start this. I recommend checking out a few of my YouTube videos regarding marketing and growing your painting like a pro business.
Cheap route (what I did): Talk to family and friends. Make a free Facebook web page, and try to get work through people you know. Print a couple of hundred flyers, 4 for each page, and go doorway to door. This is how I acquired my first 4 careers. I knocked on entrances and said “Hey, I am Eric with Foothills Piece of art. I noticed some peeling fresh paint on your house. Would you like a totally free estimate? ” Cost: $265.21

Expensive route: Review the article, “Painting Leads: Advertising a Painting Business” as well as basically do everything upon that list. You could invest about $3, 000 each month on marketing.

Middle from the road: Start with pay for every lead services listed in which article. This way you can handle your budget. Use the free web site route, and make your own site. There are companies that make that all easy to do.

Once you start convincing people who are interested, you are going to have to give them an estimate.

For this, you will want to have a basic “client manual” which outlines who you are, what their company is about, etc… Samples of this are in my Painting like a pro Business Pro course. In case you don’t get the course, you may make one yourself. This is to assist you look more professional compared to 90% of the other art work companies giving estimates.

Additionally, you will need a basic contract (also in my course). I caused it to be on excel and it simply shows people the areas of the home that are included in the estimate, the particular materials included, the preparation work included, other information, and the prices and choices. There’s also a place to place the total job size, typically the deposit, and for the to be able to sign.

Once you have all of your materials… start generating leads. Contact those people who want estimates, and place up a time to meet with these. If you want a really good sales method, that is also in my training course.

Everything up to this point, almost any person can do. But when it comes to really getting jobs booked — that’s where people begin to fall short.

Meet with the customer, discover what they need and want, solution their questions, walk around the home with them, recommend solutions to the issues on their house, and develop options to write up for all of them. Estimate the job and formulate your prices. Write up your own personal estimate. Present it for them. Ask for the job.

Take a down payment. This will help you start earning money faster, and cover a number of your material and start upward costs.


To correctly estimate the cost to coloring a house, you need to know how much often the labor will cost and how a lot the materials will cost. Knowing that total cost, you have to add in your mark-up or if your profit margin.
How to paint very first house

You have 3 alternatives. Do it yourself. Hire employees. Employ sub-contractors. Using a sub-contractor may be the easiest thing to do (and the actual cheapest) because you don’t have to buy materials and you don’t need to teach them. These are people who use a painting company, and instead connected with going direct to clients, they get work coming from people like you…. individuals who have jobs already, and want to employ a sub-contractor to do the particular painting.

Hiring employees is among the most difficult, because you need to learn the way to hire the right people, you should train them, then you must manage them. You will also should provide all of the equipment and also materials. You also need to course of action payroll and deal with salaries taxes. All of these things could be avoided by hiring a excellent sub-contractor.

Doing it yourself countries somewhere in the middle. If you have earlier painting experience, it is a great method to make a lot of money right away. You are able to bid the jobs lower since you are doing them yourself… but don’t make that a routine. If you are going to do the first few work opportunities yourself, that’s fine. Intend to move towards having others do the work by your fourth or 5th job at most.

The way to succeed in this business can be doing a lot of revenue. It is hard to make much more as compared to $50, 000-$70, 000 annually if you are doing all the artwork. Not to mention, it’s very hard focus on your body!

How you make money

Income minus expenses = revenue. The total amount the customer pays an individual, minus all of your expenses is exactly what you are left with : this is your pay. We do not care about the initial start up costs, we care about the expenditures per job. These expenses per job include the components, the labor, and every other other nonreusable materials you utilize on the job. It could also include any kind of marketing expenses you charged to get this customer.


$3, 000 job

$1, 500 for the labor along with materials

$250 for the advertising

$1, 250 profit

Complete start up costs

Registering the company: $50-$150

Opening bank account: $0-$200

License: $0-$1, 500

Insurance coverage: $200 plus monthly payment concerning $100/month

Workers Comp: $0-$5, 000 that can be broken down into monthly installments

Equipment: $500-$2, 000

Marketing and advertising & Sales Materials: $100-$300

Initial Marketing Costs: $100-$3, 000 plus potential month-to-month costs if you pay for month to month services

TOTAL Cost to begin your painting business:

$950 rapid $12, 350 plus $100-$3, 100 per month (depending your personal ongoing marketing costs)

And marketing means more small business.


I think I cover everything if don’t please let me know through your valuable comments. you can also like comment and subscribe on Facebook and twitter.

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